Dry Lending

A bespoke debt facility structured with the property asset as the sole security to the bank, mitigating the requirement for a client to place assets under management in order to transact.

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Dry Lending

Unlock the potential of dry lending

Traditionally, private banks have required high-net-worth individuals to move significant assets to under the banks management (AUM) as part of a property financing proposal. This ensures security and wider relationship planning. However, our experienced advisers appreciate that this may not be the most ideal solution for our clients and their wealth portfolio. Through our established network, we work closely with lenders that are taking a more relaxed view on AUM requirements and are leading with the property as its main collateral on day one.

Dry Lending is the provision of a high value mortgage loan, without the conditional migration of other assets or AUM to the same private bank as the one financing the loan. Your global wealth position including assets & liabilities will be taken into consideration during the credit underwriting process however the key factor being that you can retain your assets elsewhere.

By bringing together our expertise with your need for finance, we will help to extract the most beneficial outcome from wealth position.

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Make your assets work for you

At LDN Private Clients we find dry lending to be particularly appealing to high-net-worth clients as this allows them to focus on the property transaction alone without them having to interfere with assets that are likely performing on a long-term strategy elsewhere.

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Allow us to source dry lending

Our private client advisers represent exceptional clients in the market resulting in commercial, alternative, and private banks competing with compelling terms, in order to negotiate an attractive dry lending proposition.

What differentiates us is our dedication and service. Relax as our best-in-class and sought-after advisers source your next property finance facility, making LDN Private Clients a firm partner of choice. To learn what we can do for you, get in touch today.

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Our client bank is vast. From private equity clients to entrepreneurs, business owners to family offices, trustees to ultra-high-net-worth foreign nationals, here we demonstrate examples of our coveted service.


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