Large interest-only mortgages

LDN Private Clients offers bespoke solutions tailored to your unique financial situation. As a provider of high-value interest-only mortgages, we understand the complex needs of ultra-high-net-worth individuals and offer exclusive access to some of the most competitive rates in the market

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Large interest-only mortgages

Why secure a large interest-only mortgage?

Interest-only mortgages are an attractive proposition for private clients and HNW individuals with assets, investments or income secured against the principal loan.

If you are looking to use these assets later in the loan term, perhaps by liquidating at a more opportune time or as future income such as bonus or stocks, the ability to minimise the initial monthly payments through an interest only structure is often an attractive option.

If a large interest-only mortgage is secured, you’ll be required to only pay the interest amount on the initial period of the loan. Whilst this type of lending is not available to all clients, lenders will be rigorous in their assessment but are more likely to feel confident in private clients once your holistic wealth portfolio is presented.

Our private client advisers will take the time to understand your motivations for securing a high value interest-only mortgage, before harnessing our extensive and discreet relationships to arrange an ideal facility, tailored to your wants and needs.

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In your interest

For many, this type of property finance is highly sought-after due to it’s advantageous method of borrowing if you have significant assets or wealth.

In some instances, clients may have the option to pay part of the original loan amount, or the entire loan, during the initial interest-only period. Once consideration has been given to how you’ll exit the loan, choosing this option could be beneficial to your financial requirements and wealth portfolio.

Whilst many HNW lenders and private banks do not publicly promote interest-only mortgages, the relationships help by our well-respected team ensure we have priority access to these new products entering the market. By appointing LDN Private Clients, we’ll unlock your accessibility.

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Where LDN Private Clients will help

By speaking to an LDN private client adviser, our team will take the time to learn your need for the facility, delivering comprehensive and best-in-class advice to ensure the right finance is provided to you.

As your chosen partner, LDN Private Clients will deliver exceptional service pledging no stone is left unturned. With over 80 years of combined outstanding service excellence, we are here to assist you in the search for bespoke property finance.

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Our client bank is vast. From private equity clients to entrepreneurs, business owners to family offices, trustees to ultra-high-net-worth foreign nationals, here we demonstrate examples of our coveted service.


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