Securities-backed lending

Securities-backed lending is a fixed loan secured against liquid assets such as equities, bonds or investment funds.

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Securities backed lending

Access to a credit line through securities-backed lending

For private clients looking to mitigate risk or capitalise on a new property purchase, securities-backed lending is a solution chosen by many when exploring the options of a fixed loan. Using your liquid assets, for example equities, bonds or investment funds as collateral, results in no reduction of your capital or forecast returns.

In pledging your securities as collateral, the private bank or HNW lender will advance a line of credit to you. Although there can be a cap on the loan to value (LTV) available, some private banks cap at 60% LTV for example, if you have publicly listed stock with high trading volumes in your portfolio, you may reach a maximum LTV of up to 80%.

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Attractive interest rates on accessible finance

Securities-backed lending can be cost-effective when compared against other types of borrowing due to its interest rates. Typically tied to the standard base rate, the chosen lender will add a margin, but your interest rate will depend on your securities portfolio, financial profile and anticipated risk of the transaction.

Offered on a bespoke basis, LDN Private Clients will work with you to understand your need for finance before arranging a facility to compliment your wealth portfolio.

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Working together

Due to our extensive network of best-in-class lenders, our private client advisers can negotiate bespoke high value facilities to elevate you and your financial need.

Using our outstanding product knowledge, our award-winning advisers will ensure your application is presented in a compelling light, ensuring a long-term relationship is created between all authorities negotiating on your behalf.

To unlock the opportunities available to you, speak to LDN Private Clients today.

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Private client case studies

Our client bank is vast. From private equity clients to entrepreneurs, business owners to family offices, trustees to ultra-high-net-worth foreign nationals, here we demonstrate examples of our coveted service.


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